Meet Sensei Katherine


Yokoso! I’m Sensei Katherine D’Agostino, MBA, the founder of Self-Storage Ninjas, and if you need to know:

  • How do I find a location to build self-storage that generates the highest possible profit?

  • Can this market bear another self-storage business?

  • Will I be able to compete in this market?

  • I found a self-storage business for sale - should I buy it?

  • What potential expensive mistakes do I need to be aware of when writing my self-storage business plan so I can avoid them?

  • I’m interested in self-storage investing but not sure what to do next.

  • Now that I’ve done my initial research, will this location pass a self-storage feasibility study and get a green-light from my lender?

Or if you’ve ever needed to validate your self-storage investing concept, I can help.

When I built my first self-storage business, I spent years doing research before I finally took the plunge, despite having my MBA and starting and selling seven other successful businesses.

Stop wasting time sifting through websites, paid articles by industry vendors, and creating your own spreadsheets reinventing the wheel. Start your self-storage feasibility study like a Ninja and quickly and confidently proceed with your self-storage business plan.

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