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Self-Storage Feasibility Studies

It is our greatest pleasure to help you select the perfect site for your self-storage facility.

Black-belt level self-storage feasibility studies are all our Sensei does. This precise focus ensures that you make the smartest, most profitable and sustainable decision when selecting your next self-storage project.

Free preliminary review - There is no charge to objectively review your proposed project and determine if the market’s demographics, competition and demand support its development. If so, then you should proceed with a self-storage feasibility study. If not, don’t worry, Sensei will break the news gently.

Self-storage feasibility study for site identification - Depending on what stage in the self-storage investing and development process you are in, you need either a:

  • Remote self-storage feasibility study - After your preliminary research is completed, this study takes a deeper look at the competition, rents, supply and demand to determine the projected gross scheduled income and stabilized net operating income. Although this data is not sufficient to present to a lender or investor, it allows you to determine if the location is worthy of pursuing and investing in a full self-storage feasibility study. If so, the cost is applied the full study.

  • Full self-storage feasibility study - This comprehensive analysis includes in-person evaluation of your proposed self-storage site. In addition to the data from a remote self-storage feasibility study, Sensei provides recommendations for your unit mix, pricing, development cost, rent up period, seven year cash flow projections and sensitivity analysis - demonstrating to your financial partner this is a sound investment worthy of underwriting.

Self-storage feasibility study for site validation - Have you already found the location where you want to build your new self-storage business? If so, proceed with either the remote or full self-storage feasibility study as described above.

Self-storage feasibility study for investment confirmation - This study confirms or refutes whether or not you should purchase an existing self-storage facility.

Self-storage feasibility study for boat/RV self-storage - Whether you are building a new boat and RV self-storage facility or expanding your existing business, this is the report you need to demonstrate viability to lenders and investors.

Reverse self-storage feasibility study - When you know you want to build a self-storage business, but do not know what the best market for you to build in is, a reverse study helps you reach that decision with confidence. Sensei works within your parameters to identify the most viable market to meet your goals.

Self-storage business plan or marketing plan - Sensei has written more than 300 business and marketing plans. Whether you need a professional self-storage business plan for your lender or investors, or a marketing plan that includes a step by step plan of tactics to implement to gain the largest possible market share, please allow us to put our expertise to work for you.

48 Hour Turnaround Self-Storage Feasibility Study Service - When time is of the essence and you must make a quick decision, Sensei supports you with the expertise, data and research to make it the right one.

Unlike other self-storage consulting groups, Sensei does all research, writing and analysis herself. Your project will not be farmed out to a freelancer.

Request more information about the type of self-storage feasibility study you need or schedule a call to discuss how Sensei Katherine may serve you.

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